In 2018 Eat local, eat organic, farm direct!

Our first week in the new year is busy! An overwhelming bounty of delicious blueberries and raspberries every day, and our largest week in the vegie bag program yet, with 23 vegie bags going out to local households this week. Our farmgate shop is now stocking a wider range of fresh veg as well as copious berries, and fine diners in Hobart have been enjoying our zucchini flowers, peas, berries and herbs skillfully prepared for them at Peacock and Jones and other quality local restaurants. This week our vegie bag program was reported in the Hobart Mercury, and Tasmanian country hour did an interview with us about the vegie bags, which aired yesterday, check it out at the link below:


Basil now in season!


Blueberry bushes.jpg

Six weeks of delicious blueberries have started. 


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