The Japanese Paperpot Transplanting System

AKA Paper Chainpot system.

This recent redevelopment of the Transplanter, purpose built for beet and alliums (particularly onion and spring onion) means all market gardeners including certified organic (in Australia)  are now able to save up to hundreds of precious hours per year therefore thousands of dollars in labour while guaranteeing optimum plant spacing and consistency of seedlings.

With spacing ranging 5, 10 and 15cm (can be 20 and 30 cm) the paper chainpots can facilitate a wide range of crops from basil to lettuce, brassicas from kale to cabbages, peas, corn, Hakurei, the list goes on!

The Transplanter and regenerative microfarming

As it is key to keep our permabeds in cultivation to optimise stable soil health and therefore food production, we welcome the Paperpot Transplanter as a valued tool in our regenerative system.

Allowing us to efficiently transplant healthy seedlings and root systems ready to take off, the Paperpot Transplanter greatly helps to ensure fast in-ground crop development and will help get us to the annual four crops a bed we need for our six figure gardening model.

Weed management; As the paper chainpots create a protective barrier around the top 3cm of root zone stirrup hoeing is more efficient and time effective, again saving time and money.

microgreens and the flat trays

The Paperpot Transplanter system uses quality 600mm x 300mm x 25mm open flat trays built for commercial longevity, these superior design flats are sought after for microgreens, affordable at around $7 AUD they will save you money and work in the medium to long term, and offers the diverse market gardener a more dynamic tool kit.

microgreens & QUICK-CUT HARVESTER Package

Paperpot flat trays coupled with the Quick Cut Greens Harvester by Farmer’s Friend create a formidable microgreens tool kit to value add any microfarm returns to scale.

Available through ActiveVista by Longley Organic Farm.

Our family run business offers the Transplanter and complete system to Australian and New Zealand market gardeners at a price equivalently cheaper to the US retailers price, without a hefty freight charge or long waiting period.

We have put together two great starter packages, both offering substantial value to get the system up and running.

Australian organic input

Following legislative compliance we have gained exemption for the paperpots to use on our certified organic farm. Both ACO and NASSAA have now granted exemptions.