Activated and Non activated Biochars,

for soil regeneration.

Longley Organic Farm's activated and non-activated biochars are now available in a range of grades suitable for many applications.

All of our biochars are locally made using traditional shaped our truncated cone kilns “The Pyrolizer“, pyrolised at temperatures of 500-700oC, for a clean burn, ensuring the integrity of the carbon (platelet) product and removal of resins and volatiles.

All plant material used is carefully selected ensuring soil regenerative outcomes.

Our activated biochars are activated with ‘Macroboost’, locally produced Effective Microorganisms (E.M.) and Marrawah liquid Bull Kelp, ensuring a truly Tasmanian quality product for the consumer.

Longley Organic Farm Biochar soil benefits include;

• Improved soil quality and crop yield,
• Reduced summer heat stress in veggies,
• Added to seed raising mix, increased germination rates,
• Improved microbiology of soil,
• Reduced nutrient run off in high rainfall,
• Improved soil structure and root growth,
• Stabilised moisture levels,
• Reduced fertiliser use by up to 60%,
• Reduced odour and beneficial for camp toilets.

Biochar is microporous, so it improves soil water holding capacity and helps hold nutrients in the soil. It provides a habitat for beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae, so greatly improves soil life.

All application instructions are on the rear panels.

Bulk orders. (Australia)

Bulk bags, 1.2 m3 are available on request.

Standard grade / nonactivated  $1800.AUD

Standard grade / activated $2100.AUD

Fine grade / nonactivated $2650.AUD

Fine grade / activated $2950.AUD