We use Jang JP1 seeder (and seed wheels) which is the most effective seeder we have tried, highly recommended, massive time and seed saving!

The Jang is great for dense planting of salad and leafy greens including kale and allows consistently spacing of non pelletised carrot seed. The high quality Jang JP1 is a great all round seeder and pays for itself well within a growing season.

Earthway Seeder – Hollander Imports Tasmania (uses Jang seed wheels)


Southern Harvest Seeds  Tasmanian business specialising in plants for cooler climates. A wide range of heirloom as well as commercial varieties. Mostly open pollinated, untreated and non hybrid, all GMO free. We have found their seed to be consistently of high quality.

South Pacific Seed (N.Z and Aust) For larger quantities of seed in commercially viable varieties.

Enzazaden  supply Cindel tomato seed  for dense indeterminate polytunnel planting (25cm)