Pest management.

This area will be developed further over the coming months.

Wherever possible we harm minimise for controlling the interactions of insects and other animals with our vegie crops. In our context we don't have poultry or other farmed animals, except for worms and microbes along with the wildlife we nurture.

We try to minimise snail and slug breeding by minimising the areas the like to breed and we go hard at the start of the season to stop them breeding up in the first instance.

For aphids we remove aging brassicas and attempt to keep brix(plant sugars) levels high in our brassica crops, you could also use a spray with microbes and molasses, this will benefit the soil, the plant and the sugars in the molasses make eating impossible for the aphids as they don't have a pancreas.

Slug and snail pellets.

‘Protect Us’ Slug and snail killer Protect Us ACO Cert. Organic input, soon to be available through ActiveVista by Longley Organic Farm

Moth/ caterpiller.

Dipel, Australian Certified Organic registered input. Biological spray. Stops breeding cycle. Soon to be available from ActiveVista by Longley Organic Farm


Naturosoap, Spraytech Oil BFA reg input. Agrobest Australia

Also see: Matabi spray packs and cloche