Soil nutrients we use and supply.

Plants receiving optimum nutrient levels photosynthesise rapidly, this generates a cascade of interactions between the plant and soil life, resulting in nurtured food webs, bio-intensive, carbon rich soils and highly nutritious harvests.

This page and the subsequent pages; Biochar, E.M. and Humates lists nutrient input products we use and trust to feed our soils food web.

We have or are making these sometimes hard to get available/accessible to everyone interested with regenerative living soil health, carbon and microbe farming.

These nutrients form part of a balanced regime, resulting from soil/ plant testing and analysis. We use these inputs in conjuntion with composts and use additional supplements such as biochar, humates and effective microbes (E.M)

Nitrogen. N

Canola Meal – Macquarie Oils.

We have found Tasmanian canola meal (non GM therefore non Roundup Ready) to be a natural and cost effective source of nitrogen. Canola releases N slower and more steadily than bone meal and if sourced from us here locally or directly is an affordable raw ingredient. Canola may be used as part of a complete organic amendment or as your main side dressing.

Containing 6.5% nitrogen, we broadcast 150g/m2 over our permabeds as a mid season side dressing

Used in our Complete Organic Fertiliser, COF

Non GMO Canola meal

Tasmanian GM Free Canola meal, we use this as our main nitrogen source in our permabeds.

Available from Hollander imports, Hobart or refer to Macquarie Oils.

Phosphate. P

This slap happy input tends to be overused to toxic levels, often polluting waterway ecologies or getting locked up in soils, our advice, from our own learning curve is to test your soil. Plant tissue, sap or a nutrient uptake test won’t tell you if a nutrient is present in the soil.

You may well have more than adequate supply in your soil already, waiting to be mobilised. Use phosphates strictly as part of a balanced input amendment regime.

Post peak phosphate, Another obvious reason agriculture MUST change globally now is due to sheer addiction of a limited phosphate supply.

The two organic sources of phosphate we use and stock are; guano and soft rock phosphate (SRP). See also Complete Organic Fertiliser, COF.

Guano Gold (BFA registered input).

NTS Soft Rock Phosphate is colloidal and clay suspended and will have a longer lasting effect over many years, but will take a year or two to gain full effect. Guano Gold and NTS Soft Rock can be used in conjunction, forming part of a balanced amendment.

Boron. B

NTS Stabilised Boron Granules (ACO registered input).

Used in our soil amendments. This humate encapsulated form of boron does not leach from soil as readily as standard boron or borax, as it is granulated it cant be applied as a drench.

Used in our Complete Organic Fertiliser, COF

Bull kelp seaweed.

We use and recommend Marrawah Gold ( BFA registered input)                                             containing 60 trace elements and natural plant growth hormones.

Eco-min rock dust.

Eco-min Rock Dust from Munash.  NASAA Certified. We use this in small amounts for important trace elements. Available from most good garden centres in small tubs to 25kg landscapers bags.

Used in our Complete Organic Fertiliser, COF

Trace elements.

Potassium Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate, Copper Sulphate, Manganese Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate. These form part of a balanced amendment input and are allowable by certification standards. We use these in trace levels in our Complete Organic Fertliser (C.O.F.) and tailor made amendments.

Available from most good garden centres Australia/N.Z wide.

Used in our Complete Organic Fertiliser, C.O.F.

Fish emulsion, Charlie Carp.

Charlie Carp   (NASAA certified) provides macro and micro nutrients to your garden and contains natural oil which helps to deter garden pests. We use it as a side dressing, soil drenching and foliar spray

Terra Firma, Organic Life pellets.

ACO registered organic input. Available in Hobart from Kingston Landscape Centre

Supplied by Terra Firma Fertilisers