Harvesting and packing tools.

Quick Cut Greens Harvester and parts kit

"The Quick Cut Greens Harvester makes harvesting salad faster and more efficient. The cut is neat and clean, even more so than when using knives. In our market garden, we harvest 200 pounds of salad per week, which takes three people about two hours. With this new tool, one person does the job in less than 45 minutes! It’s a major helper in our (too) busy harvest day". J.M Fortier

Longley Organic Farm now sells the up to date model, and spares. Just click on the button below to take you to our shop, ActiveVista.

Drill powered, essential kit for salad/ greens harvesting, revolutionary for profitable market gardening. Always carry extra blades and blade pins.

Packing Shed

Salad spinners.

Available Australia wide through hospitality supplies. Also home conversion of topload washing machine possible (youtube link)

Heat sealers.

300mm ‘Impulse’ Heavy duty long lasting, affordable, available Australia wide online ebay.

Biopak punnets.

for tomatoes, berries, carbon neutral, made from corn and sugar cane.

‘Revert’ LDPE Salad bags.

Avail. Bagco Australia

Food grade bins.

(stackable coolroom storage) Cospak Australia