Flame weeders. (single and five row).

LPG powered flame weeders are used as effective elements of an integrated weed management strategy, as part of a 'stale bedding' practice and for maintaining the spread of external weed seed without the use of deadly chemicals and are a cost and time effective management tool for profitable regenerative market gardening. This is a quantified part of a low carbon footprint system.

Flame weeders can be used in two distinct ways;

1, To burn seed posing a threat, mainly the purpose of a single burner weeder.

  • Single torch flame weeders are versatile and will cover all aspects if needed.
  • Red Dragon flame weeders are the best quality single torches for market gardening.
  • There are two models, one with a squeeze handle giving you strong flame only when you need it, conveinient to use and one without. with We sell the one with the squeeze valve.

2, To heat cells in single rooted baby weeds (first 10 days) on the permabeds (stale bedding), five torch weeders are designed for this but a single torch will manage. The method involves heating , not burning the baby weeds. Once the cells are heated the weed will collapse.

  • 5 torch flame weeder, designed for permabed and stale bedding weed management, specifically used in urban microfarming. Critical to microfarming weed strategy.
  •  Farmers Friend (US) manufacture a great five torch weeder and we hope to stock this soon.